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This page provides quick access to all the forms you will need throughout the thesis process. For details about how to complete each form and additional details about each stage of the thesis process, please visit the following webpages:

Due Date Forms
By December 1 or May 15 in the semester prior to beginning the senior honors thesis:
The first day of the semester in which a student begins thesis coursework:
  • Prospectus
    • The student works with the Thesis Director to write a brief prospectus, usually about five pages in length, that outlines:
      • Details of the intended research
      • Importance to the field
      • Proposed structure of the thesis
      • Proposed timeline
      • At least 10 scholarly references central to the project
  • Prospectus Approval Form
    • Should be signed by your thesis advisor and second reader by the first day of the semester in which the thesis coursework sequence begins.
  • Thesis Checklist
    • Should be submitted alongside your Prospectus Approval Form.
Following the defense:
By the end of term following defense, revisions, and college approval: