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Space to Breathe: Houston/New York

Considering a Career in...

Government?  Medical School?  Political Science?  Public Health or Policy?  Engineering, Science or Social Science?

Enroll in a course that will influence public policy in air quality control this spring:
HON 4397, 31100 or ANTH 3395H, 34482 

This course offers Colloquium Credit and counts toward the Medicine and Society Minor.

The course is open to all UH students.

  • Get in on the ground floor of a project that will effect change for Houstonians
  • A research course this spring studying health, air quality control and pollutants in Houston
  • Multi-year initiative that ties into something much greater

When you take a breath, you incorporate the environment into your body.  What happens when breathing becomes a problem?  The specific intersection of social, environmental and biological systems then all come into play.  Students will participate in a multi-city project following the different ways that social and natural scientists and various policy and health professionals address a problem that has genetic, economic, social, environmental and biological aspects. Guest lecturers from different disciplines will show us how they frame their research and visualize its results, and major assignments will be fulfilled through individual research and digital narratives that incorporate multiple types of visualization.  Possibilities for extending into summer research are also available.  Students from all disciplines are welcome; the only requirement is an interest in how concrete problems are framed and visualized in contemporary natural and social science.  This course is cross-listed a HON 4397, 31100.  This course offers Colloquium Credit and counts toward the Medicine and Society Minor.