Quinn Valier - University of Houston
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Helen Valier

Quinn Valier

Honors College Faculty
Medicine & Society

Email: hkvalier@uh.edu
Phone: 713.743.9021

Quinn Valier, Ph.D., is director of the Medicine & Society Program and a faculty member of both the UH Honors College and the Department of Health Systems and Population Health Sciences, UH College of Medicine. They received their doctoral degree from the University of Manchester, UK. Their background is in the biological sciences and their advanced degrees are in the history and philosophy of science, technology, and medicine. They currently teach courses on the context and ethics of medicine, public health, and humanitarianism, including a course called “Health & Human Rights,” which is specifically designed for the preparation of students wishing to participate in the Jordan service-learning program. They regularly collaborate with scholarly-professional and community-based organizations engaged in the work of health equity, believing that global change comes by way of local creativity. Their most recent book project was a USA-UK comparison of cancer research and treatment policy since 1945, the research for which makes extensive use of archives in the Houston area.