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Honors College Learning Abroad

The Honors College offers learning abroad trips to add an experiential dimension to the Honors curriculum and provide a peak experience in a student's success that will last a lifetime. Previous trips have included Italy, Greece, France, Spain, the Netherlands, Ireland and Israel. All learning abroad programs and courses are open to all students, regardless of major, discipline, or membership in the Honors College.

Programs are offered in the Fall, Winter, and Summer sessions, and range in length from five days to two months. Interested in seeing the College travel somewhere not currently listed? Email us at with your ideas! Don't forget to stop by the Office of Global Engagement and Special Programs to make your mark on our #pinwhereyouvebeen world map.  

Click here to visit the UH Honors Abroad blog.

Turkey and Tunisia: Ancient Civilizations and Arab Uprisings

Fall 2019; Trip Length: 8 Days
Led by Jesse Rainbow, Keri Myrick, and Adrian Castillo

Join the Honors College as we travel to the land of Ancient Carthage over Thanksgiving break. Visit the remains of Byrsa, then take in the country's history at the Bardo National Museum. Perform at the Amphitheatre of El Jem, then make your way down Avenue Habib Bourguiba for some fresh food and even fresher political discourse with locals. Whether you're a history buff, an adventurer, or a culture afficionado, this trip has something for everyone! The itinerary is still being fully developed, so check back frequently for more details. Dates of travel: November 25 – December 2, 2019. This trip is currently at capacity; please contact Keri Myrick or Jesse Rainbow for more details.

Artists and Their Regions: Alexandria, Cairo, & Luxor, Egypt

Winter 2020; Trip Length: 10 Days
Led by Jesse Rainbow, Keri Myrick, and Adrian Castillo  

During the semester, we will study the art, architecture, and literature of ancient Egypt, one of the world’s oldest civilizations, and one of a handful of places where writing was independently invented. We will take a special interest in the way that the unique geography of the Nile River valley shaped the religion and history of Egypt, and in the enduring meaning of ancient history for 100 million Egyptians today. In January 2020, we will travel to Egypt to visit its many antiquities, from the pyramids of the Giza Plateau to the sprawling temples at Luxor, from the Egyptian Museum in the heart of Cairo to the technicolor tombs in the Valley of the Kings. We will spend time in Cairo, Luxor, and Alexandria. Travel dates are January 3 – 13, 2020. More information is available at

The classroom and travel experiences are meant to go together, and priority will be given to students who register for both. Special requirements of the course: trip fee (scholarships are available), passport (must be valid through July 14, 2020), Egyptian entry visa fee ($25 USD), some meals and entrance fees in Egypt, registration with UH Office of Learning Abroad, CISI travel insurance. This course counts toward the Creative Work Minor. This trip is currently at capacity; please contact Jesse Rainbow or Keri Myrick for more information on future Egypt programs.

Something Old and Something New in Scotland and Wales: Honors Engineering Program Abroad

Spring Break 2020; Trip Length: 10 Days
Led by Fritz Claydon

This program exemplifies the concept of "learning beyond the hedgerows"! Witness in person the real-world application of what you're studying in your engineering classes at UH, while also learning about the United Kingdom's rich engineering history. Take in the air at the Devil's Bridge Falls; study up close the structural grandeur of the Avon Aqueduct. Go underground and explore the National Show Caves Wales--nature's own engineering marvel. Students participating in this immersive, experiential learning opportunity will gain a new perspective on what it means to be an engineer.

Travel dates are March 4 – 13, 2020. Estimated trip cost is $2,500. Scholarships are available. For more information, please visit the trip website or contact Dr. Fritz Claydon.  

Greece: From the Bronze Age to the Byzantine Empire

Summer 2020; Trip Length: 4 Weeks
Led by Michael Barnes

The purpose of this trip is to immerse you in the physical and intellectual heritage of ancient Greece and the imperial Byzantine civilization that succeeded it.  We will travel to multiple cities—some large, some small—throughout Greece, visiting important museums, archaeological sites, and other significant destinations every day.  By exploring a number of sites throughout the country, from Crete and the Cycladic islands to the major sites of the Peloponnese and central Greece, we will endeavor to balance a broad view of the layers of history and culture (pre-Greek, Greek, Roman, Byzantine, and beyond) in these regions with the nuts and bolts of ancient daily life, emphasizing such topics as ancient Greek religion, mythology, the ancient economy, travel, and the many ways in which the geography and climate of Greece shaped ancient cultural attitudes and practices.  We will also consider the rich and complex relationships between the modern world (including modern Greece) and the ancient Greek past.  Various excursions and events—including visits to vineyards, mountain hikes, and Greek dancing lessons, and more—will round out our experience in the cradle of Western civilization. Travel dates will be May 25 – June 23, 2020. Two courses are offered in assocation with this trip: CLAS 3307H in the spring, and HON 4390 in the summer. CLAS 3307H can be petitioned for credit toward the Phronesis and Medicine & Society minors, in consultation with the program directors.

For more information, please contact Michael Barnes or click here to be added to the interest list. This program is Gilman eligible. 

Medical Ethics and Humanitarian Aid: Service-Learning Program in Jordan

Summer 2020; Trip Length: 5 1/2 Weeks 
Led by Keri Myrick, Adrian Castillo, and Helen Valier 

Join the Honors College in traveling to Jordan in Summer 2020, to see how humanitarian aid workers are addressing the Syrian refugee crisis. This unique service-abroad opportunity will immerse students in the purpose, mission, and workings of a large-scale humanitarian healthcare agency aiding refugee populations fleeing from war and violence.

Students will commit to five weeks of service at the Jordan Health Aid Society international (JHASi) in Amman, Jordan. This opportunity is open to all majors; however, preference will be given to students on a pre-health or business track, engineering and social sciences students, or those who can assist in the organization's headquarters with information technology (IT) and data science and management. The associated course counts toward the Medicine & Society and Leadership Studies minors. Petitions to count HON 3306H for other degree plans may be considered at the department's/advisor's discretion. 

Weekend and cultural excursions will include Petra, the Dead Sea, Jarash, Ajloun Castle, Madaba, the Roman Ampitheatre, the Citadel, Aqaba, Wadi Rum, Wadi Mujib, local cooking classes, and more. Students will lodge with homestay families; survival Arabic classes are included for non-native speakers (please note there is no requirement for prior Arabic-language proficiency.) Students will also have full access to lectures associated with all programs at the School for International Training - Jordan

Special requirements: program fee (multiple scholarships and flexible payment plans are available); air fare (not included); the Jordan Pass, which includes a single-use entry visa fee and admission to some 40 cultural sites throughout the Kingdom; tuition cost for optional supplemental 3-SCH practicum (available as a Summer I mini-mester); some meals; day-to-day expenses in Jordan; registration with UH Office of Learning Abroad; CISI travel insurance. Space is very limited; students must have completed the associated course, Health & Human Rights HON 3306H, by the end of the Spring 2020 semester to participate in the fieldwork experience. Travel dates are May 15 – June 25, 2020.

This program is scheduled to run annually. For more information, please contact Keri Myrick, Adrian Castillo, or Helen Valier. This program is Gilman eligible.

Germany and Poland

Summer 2020; Trip Length: 14 Days
Led by Michelle Belco, Ben Rayder, and Rita Sirrieh  

Join Drs. Belco, Rayder, and Sirrieh in May 2020 on a trip through Germany and Poland that will examine the contrast between urban and rural, renewable and non-renewable energy sources, and developed cities and natural landscapes nearly thirty years after the fall of the Berlin Wall. Starting in Munich, students will explore renewable energy facilities in addition to local historical sights. While in Bavaria, students will have the opportunity to meet with members of the German Green Party serving in local and state government. To further explore the contrast in urban and rural settings, the trip will also include small towns surrounding Munich and hiking in parks. In Berlin, the German capital, students will learn more about efforts the German government has made to improve sustainability, reduce reliance on fossil fuels, and expanding renewable energy sources. While there, students will also take a guided tour of Berlin visiting notable historic landmarks. The last leg of the tour ventures to Krakow and Warsaw, two of the most up-and-coming cities in Eastern Europe. Whereas Germany is a global leader in renewable energy and sustainable initiatives, the time in Poland will examine the challenges that many post-Soviet countries face to address similar issues. At the same time that Germany is transitioning away from nuclear energy, Poland is transitioning into it as a way to reduce dependence on coal.

The associated course for this trip will be offered in Spring 2020, with travel dates of May 12 – 26, 2020. The course and the trip are ideal learning opportunities for students interested in energy and sustainability, environmental politics and policy, or anyone interested in discovering Central and Eastern Europe. This course counts toward the Energy & Sustainability Minor. The total trip cost is $3,455 USD, which includes flights, double occupancy hotel accommodations, all land travel, guides, buses, and all breakfasts. For more information, please contact Michelle Belco, Ben Rayder, or Rita Sirrieh.


Summer 2020; Trip Length: 13 Days
Led by Dustin Gish

Students will have the opportunity to travel to France in May 2020. This co-curricular Learning Abroad Honors program and experience, led by Honors faculty Dr. Gish, will introduce UH students to the intellectual, artistic, and cultural heritage associate with Enlightenment and 20th Century Paris, with excursions beyond the city to see the architectural wonders of Chartres, Versailles, and the Loire Valley. In our daily walks we’ll explore Parisian streets, neighborhoods, cafes, and gardens, following in the footsteps of American statesmen, novelists, poets, artists, and musicians who have traveled to la Ville-Lumière (the City of Light, the City of Enlightenment) — Benjamin Franklin and Thomas Jefferson, Josephine Baker and James Baldwin, Edith Wharton and Sidney Bechet, Scott Fitzgerald and Gertrude Stein, among others. Earnest Hemingway, who lived in Paris during the 1920s, described his time living there as “A Moveable Feast.” We will find out why: world-class museums, historical gardens, monuments, cathedrals, and châteaux. Bon Appétit! For more information, contact Dr. Gish.  

Tunisia and Italy

January 2021; Trip Length: 12 Days
Led by Jesse Rainbow, Keri Myrick, and Adrian Castillo

This trip is still being developed. Please check back regularly for more details.

London and the UK

Summer 2021; Trip Length: 10 Days
Led by Laura Bland

This trip is still being developed. Please check back regularly for more details.

Trip deposits are non-refundable. Students are financially responsible for trip balances; program fees may not be refunded within 90 days of travel. Please check with your trip leader on payment schedules. Acceptance into a program is acknowledgement of all travel-related and program fees.

For information on other Learning Abroad Programs at the University of Houston, please visit the Office of Learning Abroad's website.