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3+3 Undergraduate/Law Dual Degree Program

Housed in the Honors College, the 3+3 Program allows a small group of motivated students the opportunity to enter the University of Houston Law Center on an accelerated basis, following their junior year. 

Students are liberal studies majors, with a minor in Phronêsis the study of law, ethics and politics and a second minor of their choice from the College of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences.

The program offers mentoring, support, speakers, access to the Houston legal community and the Law Center faculty and programs.

Completion of the first year of law school will confer the bachelor’s degree. 

What does it take to be admitted to the program and to apply to the UH Law Center after the third year as an undergraduate?

• You must be a student in the UH Honors College.

• You must plan on spending 90 credit hours in residence at the Honors College and as a student at UH.

• Transfer students are always welcome to apply and be admitted to the Honors College, but the 90 hours requirement means that they are unlikely to be admitted to the 3+3 Program.

If you are a UH student considering law, you are welcome to join the pre-law cohort. 

If you are interested in learning more about the 3+3 Program, complete the interest form. Please contact Professor Alison Leland for more information.