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Honors in Co-Curricular Engagement

The Honors in Co-Curricular Engagement (HCCE) transcript designation is awarded to students upon graduation who pursue a broad range of experiential learning opportunities from freshman to senior year. Students can pursue undergraduate research, internships, learning away and abroad, service learning, leadership experience and other academic enrichment opportunities; you can find more information about existing programs online. Students are strongly encouraged to be intentional about their program selection and focus on experiences that support their long-term goals, help them develop skills they need, and align with their values and interests.

The HCCE designation is available to all undergraduates at the University of Houston. Moreover, it provides a formal recognition of that achievement on the student’s academic transcript.  

Why Pursue Co-Curricular Learning? 

A complete education extends beyond the classroom. At the University of Houston, many opportunities are available to students, regardless of their major or anticipated career, to complement and supplement learning taking place in the classroom. Some of your most enriching experiences at the University of Houston may take place outside of the classroom and beyond your formal academic curriculum. 

  • Build skills that make you more competitive in your career
  • Apply what you learn in your coursework to the world around you
  • Recognize learning that happens through experiences outside the classroom
  • Practice talking about your experiences so you can ace interviews
  • Build your network
  • Earn a transcript designation that lets graduate programs and prospective employers know what you accomplished

There are three critical aspects of every HCCE activity – 1. academic engagement, 2. faculty or staff mentorship and 3. critical reflection. You can find a list of approved HCCE engagement opportunities on the Cougar Initiative to Engage (CITE) website or this HCCE page.  

Eligibility and Requirements 

Each activity students complete is rated from 1-3 points depending on the duration and rigor of engagement and assigned to one of three categories (see below). The completion of the activity must be certified by the co-curricular mentor. The designation will use a point system to track students' progress toward their goal. Students who earn a minimum of 12 points will be recognized with a designation on their academic transcript. The integrative reflection experience (ePortfolio or other approved substitute) counts for 1 of the 12 points. 

The categories for co-curricular experiences are: 

  1. Undergraduate Research and Creative Activities 
  2. Community, Civic and Global Activities 
  3. Professional, Scholarship, and Leadership Activities   

All University of Houston undergraduates in good academic standing may participate. Students who fulfill the requirements of the program and have at least a 3.25 cumulative GPA in their last 54 hours of enrollment at UH will receive the designation. 

The HCCE Mission  

The Honors in Co-Curricular Engagement designation aims to recognize University of Houston students who engage in significant experiential learning and co-curricular programming. The HCCE designation promotes student participation in co-curricular activities and creates an incentive for students to get involved in a wide range of co-curricular programs across the University. Additionally, a key aspect of the designation is to prepare students to enter the workforce through experiential learning activities and a distinctive ePortfolio.