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Why an ePortfolio?

Employers and graduate and professional school selection committees are now seeking more than just a traditional résumé from candidates. Interested parties want to know more about who you really are, and will likely search online to find out more about you. So you should ask yourself: what do I want to appear in an online search? By creating an ePortfolio, a prospective employer will learn about your accomplishments as an undergraduate, and why you have chosen your particular career path.

The Honors College has created an ePortfolio program to provide you with the resources needed to successfully showcase your career in Honors. Whether you are headed directly into the workforce, or planning to apply for graduate or professional school, developing an ePortfolio will enable you to distinguish yourself from other candidates.

The recommended sections included in the ePortfolio folder are all experiences or activities the Honors College expects students to take advantage of: research, study abroad, internships, leadership opportunities, lectures, performances, etc. These are all components of a well rounded, fulfilling education within the Honors College.

Essentially the program is two-fold in nature. It begins with you storing your best work, and individually reflecting upon your education. Then when you are prepared to build your public ePortfolio, you can develop and then share your portfolio by “going live” with your project.