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New Online BS Degree

Elevate Your Path: The Degree for Hospitality Leaders

Our Bachelor of Science degree serves as a gateway to leadership in the dynamic hospitality industry. Designed for ambitious professionals, this degree provides a flexible and innovative learning experience that not only advances your leadership skills but also elevates them to a global scale. Join our Hilton College network of hospitality leaders and position yourself at the center of change.

Your Career, Your Schedule: Flexible Hospitality

Our Bachelor of Science degree is tailored to meet your most exigent needs by offering unparalleled flexibility and convenience. Designed to fit seamlessly into your schedule, this program allows you to advance your education and career goals at your own pace, ensuring that your learning journey is as accommodating as it is enriching.

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Excellence Meets Affordability

Crafted for accessibility, this program balances high-quality education with financial practicality, making your aspirations in the hospitality industry attainable. Experience a transformative journey that respects both your ambitions and your budget, setting the stage for a successful and sustainable career path.

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Your Story, Our Exciting New Chapter!

We welcome transfer students! Bring your credits, blend your past experiences with our innovative curriculum, and propel yourself towards the future. It’s your story, we’re just here to add an exciting new chapter!


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