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Document Upload Instructions

Save time. Upload Scholarships and Financial Aid forms via your myUH self-service account!

Quick Steps to Upload
Step-by-Step Instructions
Tips for Converting Documents to PDFs
FAQs: Financial Aid Document Upload Process

Quick Steps to Upload a Document

  1. Log in to your myUH self-service account. Navigate to the To-Do List in the Financial Aid section.
    Self Service>Financial Aid>To Do List
  2. Within your To-Do List, find the document that you would like to upload. Click on the title of the document or click "Upload/View Document" link. This will take you to the item's description. You should see an active "Upload File" button, click on the button to upload a document.
  3. This will open up a window with instructions and information about the upload process. Click "OK." Please Note: Make sure you have disabled any pop-up blockers within your browser.
  4. Click the "Choose Files" button to search for the appropriate file in your computer. To upload a document, it must be in PDF format and all pages for that particular checklist item must be saved in one PDF file. Once you have located and selected your document, click the "Upload" button.
  5. Your document was successfully uploaded and a value of “Yes” should be displayed next to “Document Uploaded”. The “Upload File” should be grayed out. You have the option to view the document that you have uploaded. If you would like to review it, click "View File." Otherwise, click "Return." Refresh the page by clicking the green "GO" button. This will show the status of the documents as "Received" on your To-Do List.
  6. If you have other documents to upload, repeat the process under the appropriate checklist items.

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Tips for Converting Documents to PDFs

For converting .doc file to .pdf:

  1. Open the document in Microsoft Word
  2. Click the File tab
  3. Click Save As
  4. In the File Name box, enter a name for the file (file names should be kept short and cannot include brackets, quotations or any special characters)
  5. In the Save As type list, choose PDF (*.pdf)
  6. Click Save

For saving images to pdf:

  1. Open a new blank document in Microsoft Word
  2. Click the Insert tab
  3. Click Picture
  4. Choose the image file you want to insert, click "Insert"
  5. Adjust the image orientation if required (click on the image, click the Picture Tools tab at the top, choose Rotate and adjust rotation)
  6. Click the File tab
  7. Click Save As
  8. In the File Name box, enter a name for the file (file names should be kept short and cannot include brackets, quotations or any special characters)
  9. In the Save As type list, choose PDF (*.pdf)
  10. Click Save

Files must be uploaded in PDF format only. Scanned images such as .jpg, .bmp or .tiff files, must be converted to PDF before uploading. Maximum file size for each document is 25MB. See instructions below for solutions to size file greater than 25MB. (For converting images and .doc files to PDF, follow the instructions below [an adobe Acrobat writer is required to convert files to .pdf])

If your PDF file size is too big – try one of the following solutions:

  1. Scan document at a lower resolution
  2. Scan document in Black & White
  3. Three Ways to reduce PDF files

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FAQs: Financial Aid Document Upload Process

What are the electronic criteria to upload documents?

The documents must be in .PDF format only, and the file size limit is 25MB per PDF. Documents comprised of multiple pages should be combined into a single PDF file first, and then uploaded. For example, if your tax transcript consists of 6 pages, please scan all 6 of those pages and save it as one PDF file that you can upload into your tax transcript To-Do List. The orientation of the text should match the orientation of the document file (i.e., portrait/landscape).

If you are uploading a verification worksheet form, please ensure that the form is completed in dark ink and is clearly scanned.

Once uploaded, the documents cannot be edited by the applicant. Ensure that you are submitting the correct documents for the specified To-Do List item.

If you do not have access to a scanner, you may use services on campus.

Can all financial aid documents and forms be uploaded using this service?

Most of our documents can be uploaded using this feature but we do have some documents that are required to be submitted in person. These will be clearly marked on your To-Do List as not uploadable.

Can I include multiple scanned pages within each PDF?

If the documents are in the same group and are comprised of multiple pages, they should be combined into a single PDF file first, and then be uploaded to the appropriate To-Do List item. However, if the multiple scanned pages are applicable to multiple To Do List items, you must separate them so that only the correct documents are being uploaded into the appropriate To-Do List item. For example, if you are combining your parents' tax transcript and your tax transcript into one document and uploading it into the Parent Tax Transcript To-Do List item only, this will leave the student tax To-Do List item incomplete. The proper way to address this is to have one PDF file for the parent tax document and another separate PDF file for the student tax documents.

What if I accidentally submitted the wrong document? Can I submit another version?

All versions of the forms submitted must be stored in our imaging service. However, if you want to be able to upload another PDF for the same To-Do List item, you must contact our office so that a representative can update your To-Do List item to "Incomplete" status. If your To-Do List is currently in "Received" status, you are not able to upload any PDF documents for that item.

How long will my documents take to be processed after I upload them?

The processing time for uploaded verification documents are the same as those being submitted via fax, mail and at the Welcome Center counter. This process can take 3 – 4 weeks and may be even longer during peak times throughout the year. These peak times consist of July, August and September.

May I use my cell phone application to scan documents and save them as a .PDF?

We recommend that students use the most secure and accessible method to scan documents that may contain sensitive information. If the PDF file meets the electronic criteria as listed above, you may use any method to scan the document. UH does not have a list of recommended smartphone apps for document scanning.

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