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Fire Alarms

The Fire Alarm Shop provides monitoring and service work on all fire alarms and life safety systems at the University, UH Sugar Land, UH Katy and UH Coastal Center. The fire alarm system network is monitored (24) hours a day, seven days a week through the UH police dispatch. Following is a summary of equipment/systems and tasks performed:

  1. Ensure reliable operation of all fire alarm & sprinkler systems by performing annual inspections.
  2. Maintain fire alarm and sprinkler systems along with performing service, testing, and trouble-shooting operating problems associated with these systems.
  3. Perform preventative maintenance on all fire alarm systems.
  4. Maintain fire pumps. Perform monthly fire pump inspections.
  5. Perform quarterly sprinkler inspection.
  6. Maintain interior & exterior fire backflows.
  7. Assist with issues related to fire life safety and with drawing reviews to ensure compliance with NFPA13, NFPA25 NFPA72 & Life Safety codes.
  8. Assist with small projects installations and estimating.
  9. Special event support such as graduations, sports, and various other activities on campus.
  10. Assist the Fire Marshall's office with monthly fire drills for the Child Development Lab (Cameron Building), and Child Care (Child Care Building), as well as with acceptance tests of new fire alarm installations.
  11. Support Facilities Planning & Construction and Minor in House Construction with dust permits and fire protection shutdown permits.