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Used Oil

Used oil rules provide a relaxed set of rules for managing oil that was refined from crude oil or synthetic oils under the presumption that it will be recycled. EHS manages the final disposition of the oil for the university, and generators of used oil only have to accumulate the used oil, label it as "Used Oil" (and any identifying information for synthetic oils so that we can avoid mixing types that would cause degradation of quality), and request its removal when needed. Areas that may accumulate 55 gallons of used oil need to notify EHS for inclusion in required spill planning. 

What cannot be managed as used oil? 

  • Cooking oils
  • Oils derived from animal or plant fats
  • Oils used for cleaning
  • Oils used as a reagent
  • Spilled oil that is unused
  • Residues in container of oil that is unused

Oil in an oil-water separator would also not be considered for management as used oil.