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Minors at University of Houston Laboratories

As part of its mission of education and outreach, UH is committed to providing rewarding academic and research experiences to persons who are at least 15 but below 18 years of age (Minors), who may be volunteering or visiting the campus laboratory under a mentorship program for educational purposes.

Refer to EHS Policy Governing Minors at University of Houston Laboratories.

A UH faculty member, Center Director or employee in a similar position who is directly responsible for administering the program under which the Minor intends to take part in (Sponsor) must complete the following prior to engaging the Minor in laboratory research activities:

  • Submit the Minors in Laboratory Application Form, obtain EHS written recommendations*, Department Chair/College Dean approval
  • Obtain signed Release and Indemnification Agreement* “Consent Form” from the parent/legal guardian of the Minor and the Office of the Vice President or Research & Technology Transfer
  • My UHID or PeopleSoft ID # from Department Business Office

Note: Minors are not permitted to work in high-risk laboratories such as those with particularly hazardous substances, radioactive material, Class 4 Lasers, Acutely Toxic Materials, Hazardous gases, High voltage Equipment, Biological agents manipuated at biosafety level 2 or higher laboratories, etc.

*EHS will provide the UH Release and Indemnification Agreement form after initial review of application.