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The CORE Research Team explores body image, bicultural self-efficacy, and health disparities in sexual minorities through interventions addressing minority stress, syndemics, identity, and coping with discrimination to improve wellbeing and reduce risk behaviors.
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    Bisexual Body Image and Ideals

    Exploring body image dissatisfaction, bicultural self-efficacy in navigating appearance norms for bisexual individuals.
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    Bisexual Identity: Implications for Mental and Sexual Health

    Examining applicability of minority stress, syndemic, planned behavior, and health belief theories in understanding mental health and sexual risk in bisexual men.
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    Investigating theoretical predictors of tobacco use, diet, and physical activity in LGBQ adults using national and local Houston samples.
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    Minority Stress and Career Indecision

    Examining how minority stress factors (internalized heterosexism, outness, concealment, discrimination) relate to career indecision in LGB college students, moderated by social support and community affiliation.
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    Project PRIDE

    Sex-positive group intervention aiming to reduce HIV risk behaviors, improve wellbeing by coping with discrimination, building positive gay/bisexual identities in young sexual minority men.