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Current Scholars

The Diamond Family Scholarship provides significant financial support and a committed network of academic and social support that is focused on achieving exceptional educational outcomes. Upon acceptance in the program, each Diamond Family Scholarship recipient will participate in an intake session to review program expectations and sign the participation agreement. The participation agreement details the mutual responsibilities between the Diamond Family Scholars staff and Diamond Family Scholarship recipients to maintain program eligibility.

By accepting the Diamond Family Scholarship and signing the participation agreement, Diamond Family Scholars accept responsibility for their commitment by participating in the activities outlined below, and agree to actively seek assistance from Diamond Family Scholars or Center for Student Empowerment (CSE) staff should they encounter challenges that may impact their long-term success. A student may become ineligible to continue to receive the Diamond Family Scholarship if they do not adhere to the commitment and terms of the Student Participation Agreement.

Diamond Family Scholars Program Responsibilities:

  • The Diamond Family Scholarship – up to $8,500 annually toward the cost of attendance
  • Diamond Family Summer Bridge for incoming scholars
  • One-on-one services from admission to graduation in academics, career planning, leadership, financial aid, and assistance with forms or applications for both university and external resources
  • Be available to students either by appointment or on a walk-in basis 
  • Develop a personalized educational success plan for each Diamond Family Scholarship recipient 
  • Monitor student progress through counseling sessions and instructor reports 
  • Provide tutorial support and peer mentors
  • Plan workshops based on student interest/need 
  • Provide support in the on-campus living-learning community
  • Access to other campus departments and resources through the Diamond Family Scholar liaisons
  • Serve as an advocate for Diamond Family Scholars and build a supportive community 

Diamond Family Scholars’ Responsibilities:

  • Attend Diamond Family Scholars Summer Bridge
  • Meet with advisors a minimum of once per month
  • Complete the FAFSA, and monitor my UH account
  • Check UH email regularly and respond to Diamond Family Scholars staff within 48 hours
  • Develop an educational success plan in collaboration with Diamond Family Scholars staff
  • Attend tutoring services when semester GPA is below 2.0 and/or enrolled in a developmental class
  • Attend a minimum of two workshops each semester and at least one community event
  • Attend classes regularly and adhere to Satisfactory Academic Program (SAP) policy
  • Communicate any personal, social, or educational concerns to Diamond Family Scholars staff immediately
  • Meet with a CSE Student Leader and Diamond Family Scholars Program staff promptly if considering dropping a class or withdrawing from school.