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Not currently accepting applications.

Diamond Family Scholars Application Process

The following steps are required for application to the Diamond Family Scholars Program:

  1. Apply for admission at the University of Houston.
  2. Complete the FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid).
  3. Upon acceptance to the University of Houston, you may complete the Diamond Family Scholars Program Application to determine eligibility and acceptance into the program.
  4. Students that have been accepted to the University of Houston and completed the FAFSA, Diamond Family Scholars Program Application, and meet the eligibility requirements for the program will be invited to meet with the Diamond Family Scholars Program Staff to review expectations and sign the Diamond Family Scholars Participation Agreement.

Application consideration

The Diamond Family Scholars Program committee gives all applications careful consideration. The committee may consider the following questions when determining an applicant’s eligibility:

  • How closely does the applicant match the goals and purposes of the Diamond Family Scholars Program?
  • How well does the applicant express him/herself in the application and in the campus interview?
  • The committee may, at its discretion, select any number of candidates up to the maximum permitted.