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RISE Diversity Leadership Program

Co-Sponsored by LeadUH and the Center for Diversity and Inclusion

In partnership with the Center for Student Involvement LeadUH Series, CDI offers an introductory (level 1) diversity leadership certificate program for students. The RISE program provides engaging workshops and programs aimed at increasing students’ knowledge and understanding of their own culture and the culture of others. Improvement in these areas enhances students’ ability to effectively engage and work with diverse populations.

All dates for fall 2021 workshops have passed. Check back in January for our spring 2022 workshop dates, and follow CDI on Instagram for more information!

Please direct questions about the RISE Diversity Leadership Certificate Program to Sydnee Garcia at segarci6@central.uh.edu.

Benefits of Participating

  1. Gain marketable skills needed to work on a diverse team for future internship and employment opportunities.
  2. Increase your cultural understanding of self and others.
  3. Receive plaque and recognition at the annual Spring Campus Leaders Ceremony.

Core Courses (Required)

What does diversity even mean, and why does it matter? This workshop will discuss the meaning of diversity and explore the multiple diversities that exist. Participants enhanced understanding of how to embrace diversity in order to work more effectively across difference.


This workshop will focus on why language is important and how the words we use affect our perceptions and can sometimes influence our environment.


This workshop explores the dynamics of power and privilege, its effect on others and society, and ways we can change our behavior in becoming better allies to alleviate barriers.


This interactive workshop educates UH students, faculty, and staff on terminology, pronouns, heteronormative privilege and inclusive practices in support of the LGBTQIA community.



Participants may choose from any of the following options to complete 1 elective credit required for the RISE program. Workshops cannot be repeated for multiple credits.

Center for Diversity and Inclusion Workshops and Programs

This workshop will provide participants with the relevant knowledge, skills and resources that will help them to better support the needs of the UH undocumented and DACA student population.


Diversity 201 allows participants to enhance their knowledge of cultural and personal identity and intersectionality. Diversity 201 is a workshop designed to expound upon topics discussed in Diversity 101. It is encouraged for participants to attend Diversity 101 before participating in this workshop.


Have you ever offended someone but didn't know why? This interactive workshop provides participants with awareness and understanding of the ways words and actions can unconsciously and consciously communicate derogatory or hurtful messages to others.


People often want to talk about Race and Racism, but many have no clue what they are and their origins in the United States. This workshop will provide historical context about race and racism in the United States and their impact on American institutions, and will explore the concept of being anti-racist.



For the Fall 2021 semester, in order to complete the RISE program, students must submit their experience with the RISE Diversity Leadership Certificate Program as evidence of a learning experience for their Scarlet Seal of Excellence – Diversity. In submitting for this Scarlet Seal of Excellence, participants will reflect on how RISE supported them in developing cultural knowledge and competence, global perspective, social justice, and civic responsibility.

Staff and Faculty
For the Fall 2021 semester, in order to complete the RISE program, staff and faculty must write a 2-3 page reflection paper discussing:

  • Concepts, lessons, and reflections from participating in the RISE program.
  • How this new knowledge will be implemented into professional practice.

All reflection papers can be submitted to Sydnee Garcia via email at segarci6@central.uh.edu

Frequently Asked Questions

Formal enrollment is not required for the RISE program, simply register for and start attending our signature workshops and you've already started!

All attendance will be tracked through Get Involved via the Center for Student Involvement. For any specific questions related to your progress in the RISE program, please email Sydnee Garcia at segarci6@central.uh.edu.

Participants in the RISE program will be required to submit their resume and cover letter/personal statement to the Scarlet Seal of Excellence - Diversity.