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“Both boys learned so much, including a lot of Spanish, and we all appreciated the caring, professional teachers and staff. We will really miss CLC!”
– M. Bennett

“My son had a great experience at CLC. I loved the staff and teachers; they have great customer service and were always very friendly and knowledgeable.”
– I. Abercrombie

“We’ve been nothing but happy with our experience at CLC. Our daughter has opened up so much, she is much less inhibited, and she feels loved and nurtured every day. Her teachers have been supportive and communicative, and I feel like we’re a part of a loving and supportive family.”
– B. Bishop

“CLC is the university of child learning.”
– M. Franchek

“Our daughter really enjoys her participation in the full-immersion Spanish classroom. We are very happy with her progress in the class and exposure to the diverse cultural experience at a young age that the program affords.”
– L. Cizek

“I’m very fortunate for my daughter to have spent the last three years at CLC. She has become a smart and confident child. I am forever grateful for the caring and professional staff at CLC. Thank you.”
– H. Boogaard

“We feel that CLC has been a gift to our family and there was no better school for our children’s formative years. It’s been three years we have been there, with all three kids, and we have formed many wonderful relationships with our children’s teachers, caregivers and staff. Our kids have blossomed there, in many different ways. They have learned so much about our world, about themselves and made so many friends of many cultures. The teachers are committed, and caring, and it is a family environment. Foremost there at CLC is the enrichment of the child. It’s been an amazing experience.”
– W. Wakefeild

“We really enjoyed the experience that CLC provided to us as a family, as well as the experience Sean had individually. Not only was the care trusted and wonderful, but the education and progress made in him has exceeded all expectations. Thank you all for the investment made for our family. We are greatly benefitted by your involvement.”
– W. Mayfield

“We have had a great experience at the CLC. Our daughter has been provided with excellent care. She has learned a great deal because of the curriculum. My husband and I are confident that she will continue to do well in her education because of her efforts. We as parents have had a wonderful experience with the teachers. We could not have asked for a better place to have her attend. Thank you so much for all that you do. We will miss the CLC.”
– M. Peters

“My daughter has grown wonderfully! She loves interacting with other children and has learned to feel comfortable to speak in public and most importantly, in English. Her English was my very most concern, she is a dual language child and since a baby she was only around family who spoke Spanish. She picked up English with such an ease that I am quite impressed. As days passed by, to my amazement, she wanted to go to school every day because she wanted to be with her family! Yuri has enjoyed every day spent with CLC and I know that she will miss her teachers. Based on my experience, I have decided to bring my son for this coming Fall because I know that I can trust CLC to teach him everything that my daughter has learned in this past year!”
– Z. Parra

“My son has grown so much at CLC. He is strikingly more advanced (both physically and cognitively) than his friends who do not attend CLC. I credit the amazing teachers who give loving attention and encourage his growth and development. We have definitely felt CLC to be very family oriented and we are sad to go. Go Coogs!”
– J. Grimes