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Meet our Staff

At UHCLC our staff of dedicated teachers work every day to make sure each child gets the positive learning experiences he/she needs to grow up happy and confident. Each classroom has a full-time Teacher, an Associate/Assistant Teacher, and part-time UH Student Assistants.

Our teachers are professionally trained through formal college coursework and/or specialized professional development classes and have experience in the early childhood classroom. They make a basic commitment to align themselves with the profession’s responsibilities as set forth in the NAEYC Code of Ethical Conduct. They also maintain First Aid and CPR (infant, child & adult) certifications. Additionally, all staff participate in an annual professional development plan to ensure that their early childhood expertise is maintained.

Student staff attends an initial orientation before they begin working with the children which introduces them to fundamental aspects of the program’s operation and regulatory requirements. Follow-up training expands on the initial orientation and promotes an understanding of NAEYC Accreditation Program Standards. As the student gains classroom experience they increase their knowledge of the early childhood profession and Developmentally Appropriate Practices. In addition, UHCLC offers a Student Development Program that encourages the building of professional skills and work habits and allows for advancement.

Children's Learning Centers

Jennifer Skopal Director 832-842-0500
Cecilia Hernandez Assistant Director 832-842-0500
Bridgette Lewis Cameron Site Manager 832-842-0510
Shenae Champ Program Manager 832-842-0500
Vanessa Moran Office Coordinator 832-842-0510
Colleen Batten Site Supervisor 832-842-0500
Nikki Stephenson Site Supervisor 832-842-0510
Amparo Bercik Lead Teacher 832-842-0500
Shana Comeaux-Hagins Lead Teacher 832-842-0510
Angie Del Moral Lead Teacher 832-842-0500
Michelle Knight Lead Teacher 832-842-0500
Dayana Martinez Lead Teacher 832-842-0510
Lisa Martinez Lead Teacher 832-842-0500
Ilsy Morales Lead Teacher 832-842-0500
Theresa Odom Lead Teacher 832-842-0500
Martha Rodriguez Lead Teacher 832-842-0510
Brandy Taylor Lead Teacher 832-842-0510
Brenda Caballero Associate Teacher 832-842-0500
Martha Cortez Associate Teacher 832-842-0500
Asusena Coto Associate Teacher 832-842-0500
Shevia Champ Associate Teacher 832-842-0500
Sharon Robinson Associate Teacher 832-842-0510
Gloria Abercrombie Assistant Teacher 832-842-0500
Cindy Gasparico Assistant Teacher 832-842-0510
Patricia Hernandez Assistant Teacher 832-842-0500
Reta Johnson Assistant Teacher 832-842-0500
Diana Sanchez Associate Teacher 832-842-0510
Gillian Wagner Associate Teacher 832-842-0500