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Graduate Certificate

The Graduate Certificate in Women's Studies is a nine (9) credit interdisciplinary concentration open to students in all UH graduate and professional degree programs.

Please complete the form below if you are interested in pursuing the Graduate Certificate. We will send recommended degree plan and advise on best path forward. 

Graduate Certificate Interest Declaration

Why Certificate?

The Graduate Certificate in Women's Studies adds interdisciplinary breadth to a student's course of study while increasing the depth and coherence of students' work on women and gender within their primary fields.

Given the growing importance of women and gender issues in both scholarship and social policy, many students find this formal recognition of their work in Women's Studies to be a valuable credential in both academic and non-academic job markets.

Students who have earned or are pursuing the Graduate Certificate also receive first consideration for Women's Studies graduate fellowships and assistantships. There are also opportunities to take advantage of essay contests. The fellowships, contests and assistanships process begins spring semester and awards are made in May.

In addition graduate students are notified of WGSS events--speakers, panels, the Living Archives series, etc.

How to Apply

Individuals interested in the Graduate Certificate in Women's Studies, please download the degree plan and return the included Graduate Certificate Degree Plan and Application.

Submit the application to WGSS advisor, Bobbie Sue Schindler, via e-mail

Course Listings

View a full list of regularly and currently offered courses.

Petitioning a Course for Approval

Courses that are not-crosslisted but devote 50% or more of the readings and assignments to the study of women and gender may be petitioned for credit for the certificate. Adhere to the following process:

1. Print a “General Petition” from the Academic Forms website. 
2. Fill in sections A and B of the petition completely.
3. Have your professor sign section C.
4. Attach a course syllabus to the completed and signed petition and email it to WGSS advisor Bobbie Sue Schindler at
5. WGSS advisor will complete the remaining steps and contact you when the process is finished.

NOTE: 4000 level courses may count for the Women's Studies graduate certificate if the student completes extra work and completes a signed agreement with the professor beforehand.

Guest Teaching Opportunities

Each semester, students who have completed the Graduate Certificate may be selected to teach one class period of the undergraduate Introduction to Women's Studies course (WGSS 2350). Guest lecturers receive a stipend.

Graduate Certificate Ceremony

The WGSS Program holds a commencement ceremony and luncheon each Spring for students who have completed the Graduate Certificate that year.


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