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Feminist Disablitity Pedagogies Workshop

Start Smart Salary Negotiation Workshop Sexualities Pedagogies Workshop

Start Smart Salary Negotiation Workshop

Over the course of her working life, a woman earns roughly $1 million less than a man…SIMPLY BECAUSE SHE IS A WOMAN

$tart $mart is an interactive AAUW workshop designed to give college women the confidence and skills they need to earn fair compensation

How you negotiate your first salary can affect your pay for life!

Friday, December 1, 2017

Space is limited

To RSVP or for more information: or 832-842-6191.
Co-presented by the Women and Gender Resource Center and the Women's, Gender & Sexuality Studies Program.

$tart $mart prepares college women who are approaching the job market with the confidence, knowledge, and skills they need to negotiate salaries and benefits. This three and a half hour workshop is a collaboration between AAUW and the WAGE Project.

When students leave the $tart $mart campus workshop, they learn

  • how the gender wage gap affects their lives
  • how to develop a personal budget to determine salary needs
  • how to benchmark salary and benefits
  • how to negotiate for their first salary out of college

According to AAUW research, just one year after graduation, women earn just 82 percent of what their male counterparts earn, and the gender wage gap widens over the next 10 years.

Sexualities Pedagogies Workshop

Thursday, February 23
11:30am – 1pm
Rockwell Pavilion, UH MD Anderson Library

  • How do we teach sexuality?
  • How do we create safe spaces?
  • What is the correct etiquette to address LGBT students and issues?
  • What are the new teaching methodologies in the field of sexuality/LGBT studies? 
RSVP to or 713.743.3214