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Table Talk

26th Annual Table Talk Luncheon

Wednesday, February 15, 2023
at the Hilton Americas, Houston 

11:00 a.m.  Reception | 12 noon to 1:30 p.m.  Conversations 

26th Annual Table Talk Luncheon
Co-Chairs: Michelle Avalos & Ruth Dreessen

 2022 Table Talk

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Converse. Share. Learn.

Table Talk is a fascinating combination of conversations over lunch, led by dynamic women of various cultures, professions and experience at each table. Table Talk benefits the Women’s, Gender & Sexuality Studies program at the University of Houston. The WGSS program combines theoretical and empirical studies to give students the tools to analyze the gender dynamics of the past and present and to build a fair future.

Host Committee

Rhonda Arnold, Annette Bracey, Ann Lacy Brown, Divya Brown, Shannon Buggs, Libby Cheney, Sarah Cooper, Cheryl Creuzot, June Deadrick, Melissa Edwards, Caroline Fant, Samina Farid, Jessica Farrar, Andi Georgsson, Eleanor Gilbane, Melanie Gray, MaryScott Hagle, Leisa Holland Nelson, Chinhui Juhn, Mandy Kao, Sippi Khurana, M.D., Melissa King, Brenda Mainwaring, Sultana Mangalji, Lynn Mathre, Amanda McMillian, Sherry Merfish, Terry Morales, Sharon Michael Owens, Sue Payne, Leila Perrin, Beverly Robinson, Sally Russ, Yava Scott, Angela Shippy, M.D., Carey C. Shuart, Sannam Warrender, Aimee Woodall


Carmen Peña Abrego (President), Cara Baez, Danielle Bartz (Vice President), Annie Benifield, Ph.D., Elizabeth Chiao, M.D., Cristina Garcia Gamboa, Elizabeth Gregory, Ph.D., Cathryn Martinez, Swati Narayan, Elisabeth Netherton, M.D., Chau Nguyen, Lyndsey Ray, Guillermo de los Reyes, Joy Sewing, Shreela Sharma, Ph.D., Carey C. Shuart, Kendall Toarmina, Leandra Zarnow, Ph.D.

Advisory Council

Dina Alsowayel, Ph.D., Leah Barton, Annette Bracey, Lemar Brown, Patricia Cabrera, Caroline Fant, Eleanor Gilbane, MaryScott Hagle, Eliza Horn, Geordie Hrdlicka, Mandy Kao, Nina Andrews Karohl, Shannon Langrand, GinRu Lee, Susana Monteverde, Tanya B. Pal, Sue Payne, Kathryn Peek, Ph.D., Beverly Robinson, Rebecca Rush, Yava Scott, Angela Shippy, M.D., Carey Shuart, MaryRoss Taylor, Patricia Gardner Young

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