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Thesis and Dissertation

Submitting the Manuscript to the Dean's Office

Once a thesis or dissertation has been defended and approved by a faculty committee, the final version of the manuscript must be submitted to the Dean’s Office of the College of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences. The committee certifies that the manuscript is approved as to style and content, but the Dean’s Office has final authority in the acceptance of the manuscript. The manuscript must be grammatically correct, reflect clear communication ability, and follow the standards presented in this document and in the specific style manual adopted by the program of study. Errors and omissions in the final version of the manuscript may delay the student’s degree conferral. The student should work closely with primary advisor on issues of format and style.

A review copy of the manuscript must be submitted to the Office of the Dean in Agnes Arnold Hall room 402 no later than the deadline listed; it is typically two weeks prior to the conclusion of the semester. A manuscript review and submission appointment is required to be made before the deadline. Contact Anna Marchese at to schedule an appointment.

Thesis and Dissertation Deadlines

Spring 2020 deadline to submit to the Dean’s Office is Wednesday, April 22nd .

All successfully defended theses and dissertations in the Spring term must be uploaded to the UH library by Friday, May 8th.

This is mandatory.

Tips for Successful Submission

  • Consult with your advisor/committee about the progress of your work, formatting, and content issues early in the semester.
  • It is the responsibility of the student to complete all forms, obtain committee members original signatures, and submit a complete, accurate, and successfully defended manuscript. This includes providing one (1) Final double sided copy of the master’s thesis or dissertation to the Dean’s Office. In addition, it is required that between one and three original signature pages on 100% cotton for the Dean to sign are brought to the office at the time of the initial appointment. The document must be uploaded to the UH library, and a copy of the work order for binding from the UH copy center will need to be scanned to the Dean’s office.
  • Once the dissertation or master’s thesis is approved by the Dean’s Office, an  electronic version must be uploaded to University of Houston Library by the deadline set be the academic calendar for that specific term. Senior honor’s thesis students must follow the guidelines set by the Honors College
  • Remember that any errors, omissions or discrepancies may delay degree conferral. Pay attention to details and be active in the pursuit of timeliness and accuracy.

General Information

  • Physical Appearance: Left margin is of 1.25”-1.50” and 1” on the remaining three sides.
  • All figures or illustrations must be captioned. The same style of type and consistent spacing must be used throughout the thesis. There is no fixed style for references, equations, figures, and tables. Whatever style is adopted should be used consistently.
  • A consistent form of referencing should be used throughout the thesis. Most professional societies in specific fields of the major department has a preferred style which should be used. Common styles include APA, MLA and Chicago Manual of Style.
  • The thesis must be double-spaced.
  • The type size should be 10–12 point.