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Measurement and Intervention for Neuropsychological Disorders (MIND) Lab

The Measurement and Intervention for Neuropsychological Disorders (MIND) Lab is run by Michael W. Williams, Ph.D. We have a primary interest in understanding the neuropsychological aspects of recovery following brain injury. Particular populations of interest include traumatic brain injury (TBI) and stroke. We have a specific interest in the cognitive, emotional, and physical characteristics that are related to functional recovery and patient-centered outcomes. Our goals include identifying modifiable factors and developing novel targeted interventions to optimize recovery and outcomes after brain injury.

            Current projects are examining the role of physical pain after TBI in relation to functional outcomes (e.g., independence, community participation, etc.). The knowledge gained from these projects will be used in combination with prior research to develop patient driven behavioral interventions to maximize recovery.

            Lab News

            November 2019, Dr. Williams presents on assessing post-stroke depression at the American Congress of Rehabilitation Medicine 96th annual conference during the Center for Large Data Research award session.