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Culture, Risk, and Resilience Lab

Dr. Rheeda Walker established the Culture, Risk, and Resilience Lab at the University of Houston in fall 2012 for the purpose of examining clinical and sociocultural dimensions of suicide and premature death across ethnic groups. Houston, Texas, the most ethnically diverse metropolitan city in the U.S., is a premier setting for conducting culturally relevant psychological research. Notably, Houston is also home to the largest medical center in the world, including 21 hospitals and 8 academic and research institutions. Research models that integrate psychological and cultural phenomena advances psychological science particularly for groups that have been underrepresented in psychology research. The Culture, Risk, and Resilience lab bridges interrelated areas of negative emotionality (e.g., depression and anxiety pathology) and sociocultural factors in resiliency (e.g., ethnic identity, religiosity) as well as contextual phenomena (e.g., discrimination)  to predict risk and resilience to suicide behavior and other causes of premature death for adult populations.