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Argentina 2020 – Universidad Austral (July 19 - 31) POSTPONED

Week 1 (July 20-24)

Monday and Tuesday
Evidence and Agnosticism

  • Miriam Schoenfield
    Miriam Schoenfield
  • Blake Roeber
    Blake Roeber
    (Notre Dame)

Thursday and Friday
Testimony and Disagreement

  • Charity Anderson
    Charity Anderson
  • Alejandro Perez Carballo
    Alejandro Perez Carballo

Week 2 (July 27-31)

Monday and Tuesday
Science and Debunking

  • Katia Vavova
    Katia Vavova
    (Mount Holyoke)
  • Kelly Clark
    Kelly Clark
    (Grand Valley)

Thursday and Friday
Agency and Virtues

  • Pamela Hieronymi
    Pamela Hieronymi
  • John Greco
    John Greco