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Six credit hours required:

  • JWST/WCL 2380: Introduction to Jewish Studies (Tamber-Rosenau)
  • WCL 3380: American Jewish Culture (Weiss) — Spring 2021—online asynchronous

Twelve credit hours taken from:

  • JWST/RELS 2372: The Bible and Modern Pop Culture (Tamber-Rosenau)
  • JWST/RELS 3373: Jews in the Ancient World (Tamber-Rosenau)
  • JWST 3374: Jewish Film (Weiss)
  • JWST/ARAB 3397: Jewish-Muslim Relations (Tamber-Rosenau, El-Badawi)
  • JWST 3397: Jewish Law (Weiss)
  • JWST 3397: European Nationalisms (listed in schedule as Selected Topics Jewish Studies) (Fulbright Scholar-In-Residence Dr. Ivan Pus)   Spring 2021—face-to-face M/W 2:30-4
  • CLAS 3375: Roman, Jew, and Christian: The Politics and Sociology of Religion in the First Century A.D. (Armstrong)
  • GERM 3364: Writing Holocausts (Glass)
  • GERM 3381: History of German Cinema (Frieden)   Spring 2021—online asynchronous
  • GERM 3384: Fascism and German Cinema (Frieden)
  • GERM 3385: East German Cinema (Frieden)
  • HIST 4321/JWST 3397/WCL 4396: History of Jewish Food (Goldberg)
  • HIST 2349: Latina/o Jewish History (Goldberg)
  • HIST 3317/JWST 3397: Making of Ethnic America (Goldberg) Spring 2021—online T/Th 4-5:30
  • HIST 3358: Germany Since 1918 (Decker)   Spring 2021—online T/Th 1-2:30
  • HIST 4361: 20th Century Genocides and Human Rights (Guenther)   Spring 2021—online M/W 1-2:30
  • HON 4301H: Ancient Medicine (Rainbow)
  • HON 4397H: Law and Ethics (listed in schedule as Christianity and Ethics) (Rainbow)   Spring 2021—face-to-face M/W/F 10-11
  • RELS 2310: Bible and Western Culture I (Tamber-Rosenau)   Spring 2021—online asynchronous
  • RELS 2330: Judaism (Weiss) Spring 2021—online M/W 1-2:30
  • RELS 2335: Rabbinic Biblical Interpretation (Weiss) Spring 2021—online T/Th 8:30-10
  • RELS 3323: Continuities: Jewish and Christian Texts and Traditions (Eberhart)
  • RELS 3371/JWST 3397: Women in the Hebrew Bible (Tamber-Rosenau)
  • WCL 3376: Visual Stories: Local and Global (Hernandez Ramirez) [Available for JWST credit by petition, if student’s project relates to Jewish community] Spring 2021—online T/Th 10-11:30

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