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Hildegard F. Glass

Ph.D., University of Texas-Austin. Associate Professor of German. 19th and 20th century literature; modernism; utopian and science fiction literature; literary theory; Holocaust studies.

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Sandra Frieden

Ph.D., University of Siegen. Adjunct Assistant Professor of German. German film; feminist literature and theory.

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Tanja Klaus Hellmann

MA, Journalism, University of Hohenheim, Stuttgart, Germany, MA Comparative ReligionJulius Maximilians University, Wuerzburg, Germany. Instructional Assistant Professor

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Julia Kleinheider

Ph.D., Washington University in St. Louis. Instructional Associate Professor of German - UH Dept. of Modern and Classical Languages. Research: 19th and 20th century literature, WWI, Weimar culture and film, theories of the senses

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