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Honors Theses

The Classical Studies program encourages students who wish to graduate with honors from the Honors College to write an honors thesis under the direction of a faculty member. In addition, students who have not completed a minor must complete a thesis in order to graduate with a Classical Studies degree.

Students who wish to produce a thesis during a given academic year must submit a ten-page prospectus and an accompanying bibliography to their thesis advisor no later than September 1. Students who are enrolled in a thesis-related independent research course must submit drafts of at least two chapters before the end of the Fall semester in order to receive a passing grade for the course. A draft of the entire thesis (minimum 50 pages) is due by March 15. Students who do not meet these deadlines are not guaranteed graduation in the Spring semester.

Please see the Honors College website for more information about procedures and deadlines.


Undergraduate Classical Studies Advisor:

Casey Dué Hackney(