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Placement & Credit Exams

The Placement Exam for CHIN 1501 and 1502 required for students with prior Chinese instruction is offered and administered University Testing Center. (

Qualified students may attempt a credit-by-exam test to receive credit for CHIN 1501, 2311 and/or 3301. Students may take a credit-by-exam essay test for CHIN 3302.

All the tests are scheduled and administered in University Testing Center. (

Please read the instructions before taking the test.

1) You must first let UH Testing Services know which test you will take and schedule an Exam with them: Schedule an Exam - University of Houston   ( .  Testing Service Contact and Parking:

2) If you take the test for placement or credit-by-exam, you must take it in the UH testing Services office under their proctoring.

3) If you take the test for placement, it is likely you can only complete some items. Pass the items you cannot do and proceed to the items you can.

For further information, you may contact the undergraduate advisor or any faculty of the Chinese program.