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HHP Faculty and Doctoral Students Featured in Daily Cougar Article on The Future of Spaceflight Research

HHP faculty Dr. Charles Layne and HHP doctoral students David Temple and Lauren Gulley Cox were featured by the Daily Cougar in an article titled, "Space City, UH look to lead future of spaceflight research". The article explored space related research and advances being made in various departments and labs at UH. 

Below is an excerpt from the article.

Human spaceflight research is what drew David Temple to UH. He’s a doctoral candidate and teaching assistant in the Health and Human Performance department.

“Being in Houston, you’re in Space City, so there’s a lot of opportunities,” Temple said. After coming to UH in 2011, he spent the summer of 2014 in JSC’s Space Life Sciences Summer Institute.

Temple has worked with Health and Human Performance assistant professor Beom-Chan Lee and professor Charles Layne on the “effects of tibialis anterior vibration on postural control when exposed to support surface translations,” according to the Somatosensory and Motor Research report.

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