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HHP Faculty Win William T. Grant Research Award

HHP faculty Dr. Daphne Hernandez and Dr. Daniel O'Connor, along with Dr. Sara Goldrick-Rab (Temple University) have been awarded a research award from the William T. Grant Foundation.

Their project titled "Can Food Scholarships Reduce Inequality by Improving College Persistence Among Community College Students?" aims to investigate how food scholarships affect low-income community college students’ grades, persistence, and sense of belonging in college and if they have more benefits for Latino and African American students.

Dr. Daphne Hernandez Dr. Daniel O'Connor
Dr. Daphne Hernandez
Dr. Daniel O'Connor

The award given under the William T. Grant Foundation’s "Reducing Inequality" focus area, funds high quality, empirical projects that examine programs, policies, and practices that can reduce inequality among young people in the U.S. The two-year grant is in the amount of $557,691.

UH News

This research project and award were featured in an article on UH news, below is an excerpt from the article:

“Research suggests food insecurity, the lack of availability or access to healthy food, is one of the barriers to graduation for these students,” said Daphne Hernandez, UH assistant professor in the Department of Health and Human Performance (HHP). She and co-principal investigator professor Dan O’Connor, HHP chair, are working with the nation’s leading experts on food insecurity in higher education to evaluate a local intervention in Houston.

Read the article on the UH news website

About The William T. Grant Foundation

The William T. Grant Foundation is a private philanthropy that invests in high-quality research with the potential to advance theory, policy, and practice related to children and youth in the United States. 

William T Grant Foundation

Currently, the Foundation funds research that increases understanding of: (1) the programs, policies, and practices that reduce inequality in youth outcomes, and (2) how policymakers and practitioners acquire, interpret, and use research evidence.

Visit the William T. Grant Foundation website