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Athletic Trainer's in Houston Earn 33% More Than the National Average

In an article titled "How much do Houstonians earn?", The Houston Business Journal listed careers in the greater Houston area that paid significantly more then the national average. Athletic Trainers topped the list with a pay difference of 33.8% more than the nation wide average.

BHJ article
(Image courtesy; Houston Business Journal)

The article quoted the director of HHP's master of athletic training program Dr. Josh Yellen who attributed the growth in Athletic Trainer's salaries to demand in industrial and occupational settings. He said Athletic trainers are saving companies millions of dollars by decreasing personal injury and workman’s compensation costs.

Dr. Josh Yellen

Below is a excerpt from the article:

Contrary to the job’s name, athletic trainers do more than just train athletes, said Josh Yellen, program director for the master of athletic training program at the University of Houston.

“Athletic training also covers injury prevention and wellness protection. You have athletic trainers at NASA, Chevron, Exxon, Mazda, Fed Ex, Ford and at military branches. … They’re working with the factory workers,” Yellen said. “There’s even an athletic trainer at United Airlines at Bush Airport.”

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