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HHP Student Excellence Awards 2015

The HHP department came together to honor the achievements of its students during the Annual Student Honors and Awards ceremony on April 27th 2015. Student Excellence awards were presented in each program area at the undergraduate and master's levels. Student Research Achievement Awards were awarded to pre and post-candidacy doctoral students. HHP scholarship award winners, national level scholars and UH research fellowship winners were also honored.

hhp student awards

Laura Record (Outstanding Student - Exercise Science) with Dr. Layne (scroll down for more images)

The following students were honored at the awards ceremony:

Excellence in Undergraduate Studies

  • Laura Record - Exercise Science

  • Ryan Lafley - Fitness/Sports

  • Yanely Alonso - Nutrition

  • Tyler Little - Sport Administration

Mary Louise White Scholarship

  • Bernadine Asias

  • Shailee Ghandi

American Kinesiology Association’s 2015 National Undergraduate Scholar

  • Sina Mirab

Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowship

  • Gina Vaidya - Dr. Michael Cottingham (faculty mentor)

  • Cheryl Woolf - Dr. Daphne Hernandez

  • Robin Pham - Dr. Charles Layne

Provost's Undergraduate Research Scholarship

  • Yanely Alonso - Dr. Daphne Hernandez

  • Angelina Beitzel - Dr. Tracey Ledoux

  • Hanna Burch - Dr. Tracey Ledoux

  • Misha Chishty - Dr. Daphne Hernandez

  • Denny Dao - Dr. Daphne Hernandez

  • Jonathan Perry - Dr. Yoonjung Park

Excellence in Masters of Arts in Sport and Fitness Administration

  • Darren Randle

Sport and Fitness Administration Scholarship

  • Destiny Morton

  • Alex Russell
  • Alexandra Stine

Doctoral Student Research Achievement Award

  • Nadia Agha - Pre-Candidacy

  • Hawley Kunz - Post-Candidacy

Images From HHP Student Excellence Awards 2015