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TORC's Healthy Lifestyle Tips Featured on UH News

HHP's Texas Obersity Research Center was featured by UH news in an article on strategies to get back on track to maintain a healthy lifestyle.


Below is an excerpt from the article:

The time between the Thanksgiving feast and the New Year’s resolutions is only five weeks, but it wreaks havoc on dietary resolve and physical activity habits. The University of Houston Texas Obesity Research Center offers these 10 strategies to get back on track to maintaining a healthy weight.

1. Don’t despair. If you have fallen off the wagon, forgive yourself. And get back on again! If you lose yourself and eat more than you want, eat a little less the next day. It is never too late to take action.

2. Document the evidence. Write down what and how much you eat of everything. Writing things down helps you to stay in control and remember what you are eating and doing every day. Looking at your notes can be a helpful reminder for you to stay on track. Remember to include beverages. You can also write down your daily physical activities, too.

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