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HHP Faculty's Research Featured in the Daily Cougar and UH News.

HHP faculty Dr. Daphne Hernandez's research on the benefits of a father’s involvement with his children, his role in the family and its effects on his own mental health and well-being was recently featured in the Daily Cougar and UH news.

Dr. Daphne Hernandez
Dr. Daphne Hernandez

Below is an excerpt from UH News

“The role of a father comes with such high expectations before you factor in complications such as finances, proximity or pre-existing health issues,” said Daphne Hernandez, assistant professor in the UH Department of Health and Human Performance. “Supporting his mental health is an important way to support the whole family.”

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An excerpt from The Daily Cougar:

Daphne Hernandez, an assistant professor in the Department of Health and Human Performance, performed her research during a span of five years and received data from 5,000 fathers (single, cohabitating and married) between the ages of 25 and 35 who were considered at risk of becoming absent dads.

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