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HHP Faculty Research Day 2011

HHP faculty presented their research at the HHP Faculty Research Day on March 29th 2011. There were 12 presentations by faculty members followed by a poster session.

undergrad research day

Dr. Layne presenting on faculty research day.
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Below is a listing of faculty and their presentation topics in order of presentation.

Dr. Paloski Punctuated Equilibrium of Quiet Stance
Dr. Thrasher Function Electrical Stimulation for Exercise After Spinal Cord Injury
Dr. O’Connor Scale Properties and Measurement Invarianceof the IPS Environmental Survey
Dr. Layne Does Vibration Impact Adaptation to Split-belt Treadmill Locomotion?
Dr. McFarlin The Role of Monocytes in ObesityAssociated Disease
Dr. Simpson Exercise, Viral Infections and the AgingImmune System
Dr. Lowder Enhanced Treg-mediated Suppression and Reduced Asthma Severity in the Offspring of Mice Exercised Prior to Pregnancy
Dr. Clarke Sweat: a Potential Means of Monitoring Bone Loss
Dr. Ledoux Relationship Between Brain Responses toPalatable Food and Food Addiction Tendencies Among Adolescents
Dr. Pearson Cowboys of Color: The Perceived Socio-culturalSignificance of U2 Rodeo
Dr. Liu Effect of Walking Surface Perturbation on Local Dynamic Stability
Dr. Lee Reversing the Obesogenic Environment


Images from Faculty Research Day: