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In the News: Dr. Clarke in the Houston Chronicle.

HHP faculty Dr. Mark Clarke's was quoted in a chronicle article on the University of Houston's quest to become a part of the Big 12 conference.

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Dr. Mark Clarke

Below is an excerpt from the article:

"I think in general, anything that elevates the national prominence of UH is looked upon positively by faculty," said Mark Clarke, president of the Faculty Senate. "The mainstream view would be that that's a good thing, that any Tier One university would have, hopefully, a Tier One athletics program."

Still, he acknowledged, not all faculty members agree.

And everyone will be watching to see how - and how much - money is spent.

"If we had an athletics program that was breaking even, I don't think there would be any discussion," said Clarke, noting the excitement on campus after the Cougars' hot football season last fall. "There's a clear recognition that, in a perfect world, yes. But there's also recognition that we have to be careful about how we move forward."

Read the entire article on the Chronicle website