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A message from HHP Chair Dr. Charles Layne, on HHP's move to CLASS.

Greetings and welcome to the fall semester.  I am Dr. Chuck Layne, Professor and Chair of the Department of Health and Human Performance (HHP).  I suspect that many of you have heard bits and pieces of information concerning the department moving to the College of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences (CLASS).  Yesterday (Monday, August 23), we learned some specifics of that move that I would like to share with you.   Below I have answered the questions I anticipate you may have; I realize there are many more items you may be concerned about.  Some of the answers are just not available at this time and others may not have yet been brought to our attention.  If you have additional questions, please email me directly at and we will work to answer your questions in as timely manner as possible. 

As we move forward, please watch this space for updated information designed to keep you informed with the changes that are occurring within HHP.

Dr. Layne answers questions from students:

Is the department physically moving?

No, HHP is only being administratively transferred to CLASS.

What degree programs are staying with the College of Education?

All Health (HLT) degrees will remain with College of Education (COE) – this includes both undergraduate and graduate degrees. These degrees will now be part of the Educational Psychology department (EPSY).

What degree programs are moving to CLASS?

All degree programs other than Health (HLT) are moving administratively to CLASS and remain in HHP– this includes our undergraduate degrees in Kinesiology (KIN) and Nutrition (NUTR) and the remainder of our graduate programs.

Will my degree plan change?

For those of you who have already declared your major, regardless of what department your degree is located in, your degree plans will not be impacted or changed.  Please note that it is possible some course substitutions may be utilized to meet existing requirements.  Additionally, as we move forward, it is possible that there may be some changes to the degree plans but, if so, it will be the natural evolution of your particular degree based upon changes in the academic and research area.

If my degree is being transferred to CLASS, will I have to take a foreign language? 

As mentioned above, we anticipate no changes in your degree requirements if you are officially declared, thus there will be no requirement to complete a foreign language. 

Which college will I be graduating from?

If you are a Health (HLT) major you will be graduating from the College of Education (COE).  All other majors will be graduating from CLASS effective for the Fall 2010 semester and forward.   This means that those graduating in December will need to purchase the correct tassel according to the college they are graduating from and receive graduation information from the college they are graduating from.

Who will be my advisor?

All of our current advisors will remain with HHP and continue to advise all the degrees remaining with HHP.  At the current time, Health (HLT) majors should continue to seek advising services from the HHP academic advisors but eventually these responsibilities will be transferred to the Educational Psychology department.  We will notify you when this transfer occurs.

Which professors are staying with HHP?

Professors Alastuey, Bode, Clarke, Layne, Lee, Ledoux, Liu, Lowder, Matalon, McFarlin, Moore, O’Connor, Paloski, Pearson, Simpson, Thrasher and Trevino will remain with HHP and transfer to CLASS.

Which professors are moving to the Educational Psychology department in COE?

Professors Bloom, Gingiss, Olvera, Smith and Yi will be transferring to EPSY.   

Where will my professors be located?

For this semester, all of your professors will be in their usual offices. 

Where will the Health classes be taught?

The Health courses will continue to be taught where they were originally schedule to be taught, which for the most part means in the Garrison/Melcher complex.

Where are the CLASS administrative offices located?

The CLASS administrative offices are located on the 4th floor of Agnes Arnold Hall.  

Will the Department of Health and Human Performance be renamed?

A name change is something that is currently being considered but the process of a name change for any department is a long one and certainly is not something that will happen in the immediate future.

Will I be able to use the Garrison and Cameron computer labs?

Yes, all majors will continue to have access to the computer labs.