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Graduate Student Research Day 2010

HHP's annual Graduate Student Research Day was held on Oct 20th 2010. Dr. Gilles Clement, from The International Space University in Strasbourg, France, delivered the keynote address on “Not Seeing is Believing: Visual Illusions in Astronauts”

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Below is the list of graduate students who presented at GSRD.

Vladimir Ivkovic Effects of Lumbosacral Braces on Static and Dynamic Balance
Adrieanna Beard Novel Objective Measures to Improve the Rehabilitation Outcomes for Chronic Ankle Instability
Meghan Everett Blood Flow During High Load, Low Load, and Blood Flow Restricted Resistance Exercise
Mathias Hieronymus Hip muscle weakness and related changes in running kinematics (might) increase risk of patellofemoral pain syndrome in adolescents
Penny Wilson Relationship of Fruits and Vegetables and Fat Consumption to Binge Eating Symptoms in African American and Hispanic or Latina Women
Heather Adamus Perceived Neighborhood Environment Factors and Physical Activity in African American Women
Amber Forrest Does Attention-Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder Affect Motor Adaptation in Children
Austin Bigley The Impact of Latent CMV and EBV Infections on the Mobilization of Cytotoxic Lymphocytes in Response to Acute Exercise in Man
Mark Knoblauch Extraction of skeletal muscle membrane cholesterol via sequential aqueous and organic buffers
Stuart Lee Near infrared spectroscopy-derived interstitial hydrogen ion concentration and tissue oxygen saturation during ambulation
John Ward The Impact of Quadriplegia on Immune Response to Acute,Arm Crank Exercise


Images from GSRD 2010: