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Dr. McFarlin Featured in Chron Article on Online Courses.

HHP faculty Dr. Brian McFarlin's was recently featured in a Houston Chronicle article for his expertise in teaching online courses. The article highlighted the growth of online courses in Texas colleges.

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Dr. Brian McFarlin

Below is an excerpt from the article:

"It's all the elements a student would have in class, except they can revisit them as often as they want," said Brian McFarlin, associate professor of exercise physiology, nutrition, and immunology at the University of Houston.

McFarlin teaches both traditional and online classes, as well as those that blend online and face-to-face instruction, and he said students in hybrid classes do better — typically, about half a grade point higher - than those in traditional classes.

Read the entire article on the Chronicle website

The HHP department has a long history of teaching online courses, the department offers a M. Ed. in Physical Education that is completely online. The department has also been a pioneer in making use of virtual worlds like Second world for innovative delivery of educational course content to students.