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HHP's Wii Studio Getting Rave Reviews.

The HHP department has been winning rave reviews and media attention for its recently opened Wii studio. The studio will be utilized by the Wii Performance class (PEB 4197) during the fall semester. The Wii Performance class is part of HHP's Activity Program. Equipped with 10 Wii stations, the studio and the class have proven to be very popular among students.

The Wii Studio has been featured in media around the world, some of its media mentions are listed below.


HHP Chair Dr. Charles Layne interviewed on Voice Of America - China.

Voice of America News - China, featured the Wii Studio in a story broadcast on Oct 2, the segment included an extensive interview with HHP chair, Dr. Charles Layne.


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Read the story as posted on The VOA China website - pdf version (English translation via Google Translate - pdf)


French daily, France Soir features the Wii Studio

French Daily newspaper, France Soir, featured HHP's Wii Studio in an article on Sept 23rd.


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Click to read the article on France Soir's website - pdf version (English Translation via Google Translate - pdf version)


The Wii studio was featured on NPR's "All Things Considered" on Sept 10, 2009.

The segment included an indepth interview with HHP chair, Dr. Charles Layne. You can listen to the entire interview here.

Read the article on NPR's website (pdf version)


HHP Chair Dr. Charles Layne talking about the Wii Studio on Fox News.

HHP Chair Dr. Charles Layne was interviewed on Houston's FOX 26 morning news, in a segment featuring HHP's wii studio. Click on the image below to view the clip

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The Houston Chronicle featured the Wii Studio in a front page article on Sept 7th 2009.

The article was titled "UH fitness courses reach a whole new level - University adds Wii video game classes to get students in shape"

Below is an excerpt:

A number of schools use Wii sports games in recreation programs. Charles Layne, chairman of health and human performance at UH, said students there can earn an hour of credit for playing, just as they can for traditional physical activity classes like basketball, soccer or weight lifting.

Read the entire article on the Chronicle website (Click here for a pdf version)


HHP's Wii studio was featured in a segment on WB39 news on Sept 2, 2009.

Click on the image below to see the clip:

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The Daily Cougar, featured the new studio in an article titled "Wii now part of classroom" on August 28th 2009.

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Students in the Wii Studio (photo courtesy: Justin Flores/The Daily Cougar)

An excerpt from the article:

The Wii fitness course offers a one-hour credit, but has seen a solid turnout so far
“We have 10 stations and we’re splitting it up as two students per station,” HHP Director Randi Weintraub said. “Every station is also set up with a Wii Fit board, but there are activities that do not use the Wii. We have additionally bought some Dance Revolution for a little cardio to get the heart rate going.”

Read the entire article (pdf version)


The studio was also featured in a UH news article by Marisa Ramirez: "Wii Stay Healthy: Class Incorporates Popular Video Game"

An excerpt from the article:

"We thought this was a good way to reach those students who might not take a weight-training class or a soccer class, but would play an active game like a Wii Fit or Wii Sports," said Ben Hoffman, instructor for the new Wii Performance class.  "These students still will learn about nutrition and health and fitness that will help them out in the long run."

Read the entire article

Click here for more information and pics of the studio.


The Wii Studio story, carried by The United Press International (UPI) and the Associated Press (AP) has been featured in newspapers and gaming sites around the world.

Some of the media mentions of HHP's Wii Studio are listed below.