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Giving Back: HHP Hosts Wellness Wednesdays.

This summer HHP is hosting Wellness Wednesdays-a weekly wellness promotion event aiming to provide canned goods for the local community and homeless.  Each Wednesday a topic will be presented via the HHP website and televison promoting wellness and/or a related topic.  Also, all PEB classes will be open each Wednesday for students, faculty and staff to attend.  These classes include indoor cycling, combative sport/self-defense, weight training, rhythmic aerobics, hatha yoga and beginning tennis.

The goal of the event is to promote wellness each Wednesday and provide an opportunity for everyone to donate canned goods either at the PEB class(es) they attend or at the centralized drop-off bin in the front of the Garrison main office (Garrison 104). 

When:  Every Wednesday from June 3rd to August 5th 
Where: Garrison and Melcher Gym, 3855 Holman between Scott & Cullen
Cost of ALL classes: 1 bag of canned goods (Donate any and everyday in the front of Garrison 104.  More is always appreciated!)

Below is the schedule for the classes:

SUMMER I (Every Wednesday June 1-June 30)

Instructor Class Times Location
Ward PEB 1102 Indoor Cycling 2:00-4:00 39 HP
Wheeler PEB 1110 Combative Sport 12:00-2:00 223 MEL
Dettmer PEB 1151 Weight Training 12:00-2:00 105 GAR
Eke PEB 1154 Rhythmic Aerobics 10:00-12:00 223 MEL
Dr.Bloom Indoor Cycling 12:00-1:00 39 HP

SUMMER II (Every Wednesday July 6-August 5)

Instructor Class Times Location
Wheeler PEB 1107 Hatha Yoga 12:00-2:00 223 MEL
Ward PEB 1138 Beginning Tennis 8:00-10:00 128 GAR
Amir PEB 1151 Weight Training 2:00-4:00 105 GAR
Morrison PEB 1154 Rhythmic Aerobics 10:00-12:00 223 MEL
Dr.Bloom Indoor Cycling 12:00- 1:00 39 HP


All goods will be donated to Star of Hope Missions, a local charity serving the homeless.

Click here for a flyer (pdf)

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