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Graduate Student Research Day - 2009.

The HHP department held The 2009 Graduate Student Research Day on October 21st, 2009. Dr. Nicole Hare, wellness director for the City of Houston, was the key note speaker for the event. 11 graduate students presented their research. The proceedings of HHP's Graduate Student Research Day have been published by the International Journal of Exercise Science.


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Dr. Nicole Hare, Wellness Director for the City of Houston
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Below is the list of graduate students who presented at GSRD. An abstract of each paper is available on the website of the International Journal of Exercise Science.

Mark Knoblauch Sweat Collection for Bone Marker Monitoring: Phase 1–– Protocol Development
Penny Wilson Depression and Percent Body Fat Are Associated With Binge Eating In a Community-Based Sample of African American and Hispanic/Latina Women.
Scherezade Mama The Relationship between Body Image and Physical Activity in African American Women
Kristen McAlexander Physical Activity Resource Attributes and Obesity in Low-Income African Americans
Ygnacio Lopez Body Composition Assessment Methods: A Systematic Review and Recommendations
Kelley Strohacker Monocyte Phenotype Differences in Young and Old Mice
Whitney Breslin Daily Variation in Monocyte Subsets and Toll-like Receptor 2 and 4 Expression in Young and Old Mice
Katie Carpenter Voluntary Exercise Causes Greater Weight Loss in Obese Mice
Guillaume Spielmann The Role of Leptin and Physical Inactivity in the Premature Senescence of T-lymphocytes in Obesity
Vladimir Ivkovic Cortical Activation Patterns During Postural Challenges
John Ward The Muscular Benefits of 13 Weeks of Functional Electrical Stimulation Cycling After Spinal Cord Injury

Below are some images from GSRD 2009.

Images by Joy Wilson