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Dr. McFarlin Mentors Undergraduate Research Programs.

HHP faculty Dr. Brian McFarlin has mentored promising undergraduate students doing research in his labs under the Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowship at UH (SURF-UH) and the Rice-Houston Alliance for Graduate Education and the Professoriate at UH (UH-AGEP) programs. He was featured in a UH press release detailing the work done by these programs in encouraging undergraduate research.

Brian McFarlin, assistant professor in exercise and nutrition in UH’s health and human performance department, agreed that undergraduate research experiences influence students’ academic interests. He added that students also gain an edge when entering graduate or pre-professional schools. He has one SURF-UH student assisting him with research related to the physiology of chronic inflammation and inflammatory obesity. He also has an AGEP student assisting him in examining circumstances that mediate the activity of the immune system following exercise.

“For many undergrads, mentored research programs give them a leg up on the competition,” McFarlin said. “When they’re getting into graduate, medical or physical therapy schools, they’ve already been exposed to the research experience. That is very important.”

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