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Dr. Thrasher Featured in The Daily Cougar

HHP faculty Dr. Adam Thrasher's research on Spinal cord injuries was featured in The Daily Cougar on July, 10th 2007.

Spinal cord injuries can be one of the most devastating damages to occur to the human body, which is why UH assistant professor Adam Thrasher believes it is an area where research needs to be taken to the next level. 

Thrasher, who teaches for the Department of Health and Human Performance, focuses on people who have lost vital body functions, such as walking or the movement of limbs. 

"My overall research agenda is to develop new technology that can benefit the rehabilitation of people with severe motor disorders, such as spinal cord injuries, stroke and multiple sclerosis," Thrasher said.

Click to read the entire article (opens in a new window - pdf).

Link to the article on The Daily Cougar website.


Visit Dr. Thrasher's webpage.

Dr. Thrasher is also part of the Laboratory of Integrated Physiology.