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HHP's researchers featured on new UH website.

The "Making our Mark" section on UH's new website featured HHP faculty Dr. Adam Thrasher and doctoral candidate Melissa Scott-Pandorf. This section features research discoveries at UH that have the potential to change the world.

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Dr. Adam Thrasher
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Ms. Melissa Scott-Pandorf

Dr. Thrasher's research was featured in an article titled "Spine Tingler". It focused on his research on developing technologies to help people with spinal cord injuries.

Melissa Scott-Pandorf's article titled "Walking Tall" focused on her research in designing newer and better space suits for astronauts.

Visit Dr. Thrasher's webpage, Dr. Thrasher is also part of the Laboratory of Integrated Physiology.

Melissa Scott-Pandorf works with Dr. Kurz's research group in the Laboratory of Integrated Physiology