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To be accepted to the Language and Culture Center, a student must have completed the equivalent of U.S. high school prior to enrolling in the LCC. If the student is not a U.S. citizen or Permanent Resident, the student has to obtain a valid non-immigrant or immigrant status which permits the student to study full time. Most international students study in the LCC on an F-1 visa.

Application Steps

Please submit all required documents listed below by the application deadlines. Once all required documents have arrived in the LCC, it will take 7 to 9 business days for the LCC to review an application. Incomplete applications will not be reviewed until all required documents have been received by the LCC.

  • Application Deadlines

    • Summer 2020: April 3, 2020
    • Summer II 2020: May 8, 2020
    • Fall 2020: July 31, 2020
  • Mailing Addresss

    University of Houston
    Language and Culture Center
    3581 Cullen Blvd., Suite 230
    Science Building
    Houston, TX 77204

  • Email The application fee must be submitted in person or by mail.

1. Application Form

Download the LCC Application Form and use Adobe Acrobat Reader DC to complete the form.

2. $100 Application Fee

The fee is nonrefundable. The LCC does not accept payment by cash or credit cards. Listed below are payment methods:

  • Wire transfer. Please contact the LCC by email at for further instructions.
  • Personal check made payable to "University of Houston." The check must contain the bank account holder's government ID number and date of birth.
  • Money order made payable to "University of Houston."

3. Academic Records in Original Language

  • If you completed high school, submit a copy of your final high school transcript and diploma.
  • If you are in the process of completing high school, submit a copy of high school transcript, showing grades of all subjects you have taken. During your first semester in the LCC, submit a copy of your final high school transcript and diploma.
  • If you attended a post-secondary institution, submit a copy of your college or university transcript, showing grades of all classes you have taken, and degree certificates, if any.

4. Certified English Translation of Academic Records

5. Passport, U.S. Visa, and Permanent Resident Card

  • Passport: Submit a copy of your passport biographical information page.
  • U.S. visa: Submit a copy of the U.S. visa you will use to enter the United States and study in the LCC, if any. 
  • Permanent Resident Card: Submit a copy of your Permanent Resident Card, also known as Green Card, if any.
    • If you are in the process of applying for Permanent Residency, please submit a copy of your Form I-797C, Notice of Action, showing that your Form I-485, Application to Register Permanent Residence or Adjust Status, is pending adjudication by USCIS. 

6. Documents for F-1 International Students

7. Other Required Documents

Mailing Options

Once you have been accepted, the LCC will contact you asking how you would like to receive your acceptance letter and if applicable, your Form I-20.

  • Option 1: Express Mail

    Documents sent via express mail will take approximately 5 days to arrive. You will be responsible to pay the express mail fee. To select express mail:

    1. Create an account with University Express Mail Services (UEMS).
    2. Log into your UEMS account and click Receive Documents from University.
    3. Search University of Houston and select Language and Culture Center.
    4. Confirm mailing address.
    5. Select shipment option and pay for shipment.
  • Option 2: Regular Postal Mail

    Documents sent via regular postal mail will take 4 to 6 weeks to arrive. No tracking will be available.