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Economics Department Staff and Academic Advisors

Please note that we are no longer in Science Building (S) or Science and Research 2 (SR2). Staff have relocated to Teaching Unit 2 Building (TU2).

Department Business Administration


Ashton Goudeau
Financial Coordinator II 
Phone: 713-743-0671
Office: Teaching Unit II Room 104F


Undergraduate Program

Undergraduate Academic Advisors

Wendy Winborn
Academic Advisor II 
Phone: 713-743-0295
Office: Agnes Arnold Hall Room 315 

Rose Sanchez
Academic Advisor I 
Phone: 713-743-8558
Office: Agnes Arnold Hall Room 315

Undergraduate Program Director

Dr. Zhivan
Natalia Zhivan 
Ph.D., Boston College 
Instructional Associate Professor 
Phone: 713-743-0505
Office: Teaching Unit II Room 104E


Graduate Programs

Graduate Advisor – Ph.D. and M.A. Applied Economics

Bent Sorensen
Amber Pozo
Graduate Advisor
Phone: 713.743.3805
Office: Teaching Unit II Room 104B


M.A. Applied Economics Program Director

Rebecca Achee Thornton
Rebecca Achée Thornton
Ph.D., University of Houston
Instructional Associate Professor
Phone: 713-743-3820
Office: Teaching Unit II Room 104D

Ph.D. Program Director

Bent Sorensen
Kei-Mu Yi
Ph.D., University of Chicago
M.D. Anderson Professor of Economics
Phone: 713-743-3331
Office: Teaching Unit II Room 201F