Valenti hosts start of the semester pizza party

Valenti Pizza Party

To kick off the Spring semester, students were invited to come to join Valenti in the courtyard for a pizza party. Here, the Valenti community was able to participate in conversations with their peers, go over internships, learn about the new Experience Valenti website, as well as eat some pizza.

Events in the Jack J. Valenti courtyard are seen as a way to build the community of students, faculty, staff and Alumni in relation to the communications college. Last Fall semester, Valenti hosted a ‘Get the Scoop’ event where ice cream and T-shirts were given away to those who came to join the festivities of kicking off a new school year.

This semester, T-shirts were also a giveaway item at this year’s pizza party, along with clear fanny packs and cards offering more information on the new Experience Valenti site, how to apply for internships and have your resume reviewed by Valenti staff members.

Conversations about internships fueled the pizza party and all of its attendants as Valenti staff were there to offer advice, talk about the new website as a helping hand and review resumes all while eating cheese and pepperoni pizza.

Organizations such as the Public Relations Student Society of America and the American Advertising Federation participated in the festivities, talking to students about what they do on campus and how they could get involved. A Valenti Alumni and member of the Valenti Alumni Association Board Seth Crawford lent a helping hand to pass out pizzas to students in the courtyard, as well.

For students at the Valenti School looking to build a community and make connections with their peers at the college, the courtyard and the events that are held there are great ways to stay involved.

Valenti is looking to host more events in the courtyard, including one at the end of the semester for soon-to-be graduates. Building community and utilizing the space of the courtyard is important to Valenti, students and staff alike.