Imagining America @ UH - University of Houston
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Hello Houston!

Seeking students, scholars, researchers, activists, community leaders, and dreamers interested in doing public scholarship. Public scholarship is about organizing people, resources, and ideas for the greater good. It’s about engaging with our communities.

University of Houston is now part of Imagining America, a movement committed to doing scholarly work that positively impacts the communities of which we are a part.  By joining the Imagining America network in Spring 2021, we have embraced a commitment to “connecting, convening, supporting, and promoting engaged and public scholars.”

Our work includes organizing around cultural change on our Houston campuses and in our communities, both nationally and here in the Gulf Coast region. Won’t you join us? 

More About Imagining America @ UH Working Group


  • Upcoming Event - November 5th, 3:30pm at the Blaffer Art Museum
    Meet with others interested in and already doing community engaged scholarship.
  • Take the Survey - You can get started on your involvement with IA@UH by taking 5-10 minutes to respond to the following survey. We are interested not only in your current research/practice, but also your ideas on initiatives that could advance IA’s goals in our university, city, and region.
  • Stories of Change - An Interview with Sixto Wagan, Former Director of the UH Center for Art and Social Engagement (Forthcoming)"

Existing Projects By IA@UH Collaborators